Thursday, May 15, 2014

Henry Speaks

Henry, my little-big-boy, you have been such a talking delight as of late. You have gone from a shy, barely-speaking toddler, to a repeating anything and everything and understanding 90% of what we're talking about boy. I love it. This age is seriously so much fun. And frustrating. But the fun outweighs the frustration (most of the time). It's really hard for me to believe that in just a couple short months you have gone from saying just a handful of words to speaking in full sentences all of the time. By the way - grandma was right, now that you've finally started talking, you never stop. You even talk in your sleep!

 So Henry, what are you saying (constantly) these days?

  • Oh, okay! (My absolute favorite.)
  • Over there. (It's over there, let's go over there, look over there....everything is 'over there'.)
  • Mom (Constantly, like...before, during, and after every single sentence multiple times.)
  • No (Even if you mean yes, you just say no because you're stubborn as a mule.)
  • I'm going to get you. (You like to 'get' us and we like to 'get' you which usually ends in about 20 minutes of snorts and giggles.)
  • Go see Daddy at work. (You love visiting Daddy at work and when he's not home you constantly want to go see him.)
  • Right now. (Instead of saying 'Daddy is home', you say 'Daddy got home right now'.)
  • Yeah. (No 'yes' in our house, and you draw it out.)
  • Thank you. (You say thank you at the right times AND when you should say 'you're welcome'. 'Please' is something I ALWAYS have to ask for still.)
  • Green & Black (Everything is either green or black first, whether you know what color it is or not.)
  • No, I'm not. (Whether you really aren't something, or whether you don't want to do something, you always follow up with this.)
  • Mae-Mae & Co-wee (Still. Matter of fact, we may never call our dogs by their real names again.)
  • Both. (Instead of counting things, you just say that anything more than two is 'both'.)

You are constantly talking - telling us things that you love, telling us what you want to do, how you feel, and what's going on around you, but these are a few of your favorite 'sayings'. I'm so proud of how far you have come and I love spending my days having conversations with you. I can't imagine loving anyone more than I love you.



  1. This stage is the BEST (tough times and all)! There is nothing cuter than hearing a little one understand and repeat words!

  2. I remember having the exact same worries about Parker, and now he never stops talking! lol


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.