Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Random Tuesday Goodness

It is hotter here in Ohio than what it was in Florida for an entire week. Well, maybe not hotter, but the humidity sure does feel out of control. I was not expecting to leave with a heavy sweater on and come home sweating to death. I'll take it though, bring on the summer!

Vacation really did us some good this year for several different reasons. I learned a lot about myself and how I want to do things differently at home. We ate. We laughed. We spent time together, uninterrupted time, as a family and soaked in every single minute of it. It was glorious.

I really felt as if perhaps we over think things too much in our time at home. We have too much stuff and we watch too much TV and we often try to cram too much into a work week. Living in a condo with just the basics really was refreshing. No tripping over toys because Henry only had a couple of his favorites with him. No rummaging through the closet to find something to wear because I only had a few outfits that I knew were both comfortable and stylish (and fit). We used two pans, a couple of towels, shared a charger (there was no service anyway), and never, ever complained about any of it because it was both comfortable and functional.
I told Jeremy that when we got home, I was going through everything and getting rid of a ton. And I will...because they serve very little purpose and too much stuff I think can prove to lead to too much stress.
Also, this little space of mine, well...I plan on filling it with only the best. I want to look back and see nothing but my life, 100% true, memories, photos, and overall my soul on paper (or screen).
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  1. I totally know what you mean about simplifying life Jenn. I love the feeling of living out of a suitcase as well and it's true that that really shows something. It's amazing how stuff accumulates SO fast. I mean we moved to Colorado with only what would fit in our car and our condo is only 900 sq ft but we still have way too much stuff now! It's a constant battle!

  2. I couldn't agree more! Glad you had a great trip :)

  3. We had a similar experience on vacation - there wasn't "stuff" to get caught up in, and because of that we were the best family we could be. It didn't occur to me to start going through our "stuff" and get rid of what we don't need/want/use. :)
    So glad to hear your vacation was so good to you!


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